ShopforKids is a virtual, contactless shopping fundraiser for parent organizations. ShopforKids creates a one-stop shop by connecting supporters to local discounts, national retailer offers, school spirit stores, donation sites and more, all in one place. By centralizing all shopping-related activities, ShopforKids helps organizations simplify their fundraising efforts, increase support and raise more funding!


Are you looking to replace coupon books or discount cards? Want to bring more value to supporters instead of just asking them to write a check? If so, this is the perfect fundraiser! Support your community and generate more residual funding year-round with ShopforKids!

Getting started is easy, and there's no upfront cost!






PTO/A's can choose between our PLUS or BASIC package. PLUS includes subscription + residual fundraising dollars from retailer commissions. BASIC includes only residual fundraising dollars.


Complete an online agreement and customization and payment approval form. After completion, you're less than 72 hours away being ready to launch your branded ShopforKids app!


The training and implementation program is simple and fast! We'll help you determine a plan for launching your app and share online videos, support materials and best practices for getting great results!


We'll help you decide on a launch date and have your app ready to roll! You can promote your app via social media, email and remind, sit back and watch the signups come in via your online dashboard and reporting!

ShopforKids is a powerful shopping fundraiser for parent organizations looking for a safe and dependable solution.

No product inventory or physical distribution headaches

Zero required out of pocket start-up costs and no hidden fees

A virtual, contactless fundraiser that helps address COVID-19 safety concerns

Easy to promote to supporters via email, messaging and social media

Supports entire school, or can be set up for individual groups, grades or classes

Online processing means no storage of cash or check payments

Supporters get to choose retailers, and have access to new deals daily

Create competitive sales campaigns between classes or grades

Streamlines oversight of fundraising with centralized online reporting

Are you evaluating fundraising packages for your school, team, club or nonprofit?  Click here to request more info about Shop for Kids.

 ShopforKids helps PTO/As safely fundraise while supporting local businesses and their community.

ShopforKids offers a simple way to raise funding when parents shop online, while supporting local business that may affected by COVID-19.

Why the ShopforKids fundraisier during COVID-19?


  • MORE FUNDING - replace discount cards and keep 90% of sales
  • MORE CONTROL - manage your own local discounts and sponsors
  • Supports local businesses affected by COVID-19
  • Does not require physical interaction
  • Delivers value to supporters beyond asking for donations
  • No inventory or cash for kids, teachers or organizers to manage
  • Creates a passive, residual fundraising option

Last spring, COVID-19 impacted fundraising for many parent organizations. Do you have a safe plan for this school year?


ShopforKids can safely generate more funding, while supporting local businesses that have been affected by COVID-19.

Why create a one-stop shop with ShopforKids?


  • Create one shopping destination that's easy to remember
  • Give supporters a personalized shopping experience
  • Offers quick access to fundraisers on mobile or desktop
  • Supporters can shop year-round locally and nationally
  • Build a base of long-term supporters and residual growth

Keep it simple. Create a one-stop shop and destination for all PTO/A shopping fundraisers and sites.


 Increase support and raise more by centralizing all PTO/A shopping fundraisers in one place.

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