Shop, save and fundraise for kids.

Say goodbye to fundraising headaches and fatigue.

A simple shopping app that delivers real value to supporters, and year-round fundraising dollars to your district, school, team, club or nonprofit.

ShopforKids is the perfect fundraising solution for schools, foundations, teams, clubs, parent groups and other nonprofits.

Quick setup, and easy to manage.

The program can be setup in just a few hours, and requires minimal management.

Determine the best fundraising strategy.

Our staff will consult with you to determine how to best implement and market Shop for Kids in your community.

Explore multiple fundraising options.

Shopforkids offers multiple options for generating

year-round fundraising dollars.

Secure access to data and reporting.

Easily track supporter information and app performance data online, including fundraising dollars generated.

ShopforKids offers two flexible options to fundraise.


Funding dollars come from retailer referral fees that are typically equal to up to 2-3% of purchases. Just 500 supporters spending $60 dollars a month with discounts from Shop for Kids could generate over $8,000 in funding! A school with 1,500 supporters with the same monthly spend, could generate over $24,000 in funding for their school program. This is residual fundraising that can grow over time! Click here to learn more.


Search App Deals

Choose Discounts

Make Purchases

Retailers Pay for Website Traffic Resulting in Sales

* Estimates based on $60 monthly spend per shopper


* Amazon Smile only pays .5% compared to up to 2-3% with ShopforKids


Customers can significantly increase their earning potential by promoting ShopforKids as a subscription-based application! Our team helps each customer determine which subscription level will work best for their community. We offer a turn-key solution, with step-by-step implementation and marketing support, to ensure customers get results!  Click here to request information about subscription packages.

ShopforKids is a powerful digital fundraising platform that's easier to manage than traditional fundraisers, like discount cards.

No product inventory or physical distribution headaches

Zero required out of pocket start-up costs and no hidden fees

Eliminates risky practice of students and coaches collecting payments

Easy to promote to supporters via email, messaging and social media

Supports one or more schools, teams, clubs or groups in one app

Online processing means no storage of cash or check payments

Supporters get to choose retailers, and have access to new deals daily

Streamlines oversight of fundraising with centralized online reporting

Are you evaluating fundraising packages for your school, team, club or nonprofit?  Click here to request more info about Shop for Kids.

ShopforKids is a fundraising app that helps schools and organizations generate funding for programs when their supporters shop online.


The app helps your supporters save money when they shop by offering discounts and coupons to national and local retailers.


Generate funding support for your athletics, band, choir and other school extracurricular programs.


Simplify fundraising for organizations, like the PTA and PTO, with year-round, residual fundraising options.


Earn more fundraising dollars for your youth organization, and minimize risks including managing cash or inventory.

We're proud to partner with the Texas High School Coaches Association on the Shop and Save for Kids initiative. We're committed to supporting the THSCA mission and Education Fund.


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